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Sample Bleachers


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chapleau bleachers.gif

These bleachers are located at the modern multi-use facility in Chapleau, Ontario, Canada

more chapleau bleachers

Each bleacher holds 50 people. The ends
of the tubing are sealed tight to prevent
internal corrosion.
All welding is to Canadian Welding Bureau
specifications. The finish coat can be in
your choice of colours.
They are easily moved for grass cutting or
veiwing other activities in the same area.
They can also be transported easily for use in other areas.

This is a close up of an older bleacher. Some have been in serivce for over twenty years with only the wood being changed.

Close up of our bleacher design.; Actual Size=180 pixels

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or mail enquiries to Peterson's Welding,
Box 670, 13 Causley St.,
Blind River, Ontario,
Canada. P0R 1B0