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Sample Docks


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This page will show some of the product lines
that we manufacture.
There is a brief description of each photo attached and
more info on the Company page.


This is the modular single tube design.
These are in service at the
Richards Landing Marina on St. Joseph Island,
Ontario, Canada, also part of Lake Huron.

The photo below is another view.
The smaller dock in the distance acts as
a breakwater. It takes a real pounding!

more Richards Landing.jpg

This is the original twin tube design
used successfully by commercial marinas
on the Great Lakes for many years.
This set is at the Blind River Marina
on Lake Huron.

Blind River Marina Twin tube style; Actual Size=130 pixels

This is a close up showing the structural integrity of our docks. This is the coal tar epoxy coating. We also have an epoxy matrix coating available that comes in a light blue grey.


Call toll free at 1 888 801 7972
local calls 705-356-7281 Fax 705-356-1924
or mail enquiries to Peterson's Welding,
Box 670, 13 Causley St.,
Blind River, Ontario,
Canada. P0R 1B0