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Other Projects


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While our emphasis is currently on docks and bleachers, that is not meant to indicate that we are not available for other types of projects. Here are some examples of the scope of work.

This is a 9 ft. diameter penstock at an electrical generating station on Lake Chiblow, near Blind River.

chiblow lake penstock.jpg

A view of where the work platforms shown earlier are used.

work platforms in use.jpg

Installing the intake section of a penstock for a run-of-the-river generator at Serpent River First Nation. The built-in stairs are for cleaning the inlet.

inlet for Serpent River

Another shot of the inlet section. You can see the section of pipe buried in the centre of the hill. The generator and building are situated right where the 1/2 ton is parked. This unit is right beside the Trans Canada highway and blends in nicely with the environment.

another view of the inlet section

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