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Welcome to Peterson's Welding! Home of and Blind Rivers Better Bleachers

On this home page, we'll introduce our business. We hope that you take a few minutes to see our products.

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The possibilities are many and varied. From the original twin tube style {upper left}, through the single tube T-style {lower left}, to the very versatile modular systems on the right, they are all built to stand up to real world usage.

On these few pages, we hope you find something of interest to you. Our line of floating docks are designed to give you maximum usage with very little effort. These are very solid docks and they are built to last. We have been in business now for some 50 years, so we know what lasting means. Please enjoy your visit.

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This unit is 40 X 25 feet and is built in the T style using single tubes. The decking is 2x8 pressure treated wood.

Call toll free at 1 888 801 7972
local calls 705-356-7281 Fax 705-356-1924
or mail enquiries to Peterson's Welding,
Box 670, 13 Causley St.,
Blind River, Ontario,
Canada. P0R 1B0

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